End of semester


Confirmation of Study Period

The Confirmation of Study Period form is different for every single university. First of all, ask your home university if there is a specific form for you.
If so, bring it to the Exchange Office within the visiting hours. If not, we have a general form (download here) that we can confirm. Do not forget to fill in following information:

  • Your name as well as the name of your home university
  • Name of our university: University of Economics, Prague (VSE)
  • Your first day at our university is the first day of the Orientation Week (see the actual Academic Calendar) unless you arrived later.
  • Your last day at VSE is the last day of your exam, i.e. last day you had to be physically present at the University – having an oral exam or writing a test.

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records will be issued when all your grades from all the courses are uploaded in InSIS. Should the ECTS grades be requested by either you or the home university, the Transcript will be ready to be issued in February for the Fall semester students and in July for the Spring semester students.
The course code, course name, ECTS credits, local grade and final number of points reached are obligatory parts of each Transcript.

The document is issued bilingual (Czech/English) and uploaded in the InSIS Document Storage of each student. It is also available for the coordinators in their respective InSIS section.


Please, take a close look at the Accommodation Agreement (see the related webpage) and follow the rules related to the notice period. In general, do not forget to pay all the debts and return the keys. If all your debts are not paid, the Transcript of Records cannot be issued.


Do not forget to pay all your debts in the VSE library. If the financial liabilities are not met, the Transcript of Records cannot be issued.

VSE ID card

If you have money left on the VSE ID card from any of the canteens, you can withdraw it in the cash register of the respective canteen. Money for copying and printing can be given back at the office SB 22.

The VSE ID card will remain your property even after your departure.