Mobility documents

of Arrival
of Study Period
of Records

Learning Agreement

VSE generally prefers Online Learning Agreement (OLA) in case a Learning Agreement is necessary. Should the student only possess a paper version of a Learning Agreement, its scan will be signed with an electronic signature. The Learning Agreement is the only document that we can distribute through other channels than the InSIS Document Storage (either through OLA or by email).

How to fill in the Learning Agreement correctly?
A specimen and a blank form can be found here. You can also find the information that is to be filled in about the “Receiving Institution” below.

  • Name of the Receiving Institution: Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE)
  • Name of the Receiving Institution in CZ (for OLA): Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Faculty/Department: [leave blank]
  • Address: Winston Churchill Sq. 4, 130 67, Prague 3
  • Country: Czech Republic (CZ)
  • Erasmus code: CZPRAHA09
  • Responsible person in the Receiving Institution: Anna Beková / Daniela Slámová
  • Position of the responsible person: Incoming Exchange Student Coordinators
  • Email: exchange[at]
  • Telephone: +420 224 098 547 / 00420 224 098 547

Confirmation of Arrival

This document is issued for students who started their Exchange Programme at VSE and can be found in the InSIS Document Storage (section “Study”) under the name “Letter from Study Department”. It is proof that the student started their studies at VSE.

The end date on the Confirmation of Arrival is the last day of classes. This date is subject to change, which will be confirmed according to the individual situation of each student in the Confirmation of Study Period at the end of the student’s stay.

Confirmation of Study Period

This document is issued for all students following the end of their Exchange Programme at VSE and can be found in the InSIS Document Storage (section “Study”).

The document confirms General Academic Dates as well as the student’s individual dates, such as the day when the student’s studies at VSE were initiated and the last exam date (a test or an oral exam, not seminar paper submissions). If there are any changes in the mode of teaching delivery throughout the semester or any other information regarding the course of the studies we find important to share, this information will also be displayed in the final document.

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records with VSE local grades is uploaded in the student’s InSIS Document Storage (section “LoA and ToR”) once all their final grades are entered in InSIS, provided that there are no liabilities towards VSE (e.g., dormitories, library). The Transcript of Records is not uploaded automatically; it contains a process where human activity is involved, so please be patient if it is not uploaded at the very moment when all the grades appear in InSIS.

Each student is responsible for checking their grades. Once the Transcript of Records is uploaded, no further changes to the grades can be made.

The Transcript of Records with ECTS grades is uploaded in late February/early March for the Fall Semester and in late July/early August for the Spring Semester.