Courses with the codes starting with number „1“ – Faculty of Finance and Accounting

Please find below a message from the management of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting. This message is relevant to all students that are registered to courses with the codes starting with number „1“ (i.e. 1BP260, 1FU261 etc.):


Dear students of the courses provided by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting,

In regard to the Extraordinary measures of VŠE in connection with instructions of the Ministry of Health of the Czech republic valid from March 11th 2020, which banes personal presence of students on the grounds of the University campus, the University decided on the following:

  1. All of the classes, consultation hours, office hours of the study department and all other hours of the employees of the University are cancelled.
  2. Lecturers, programme coordinators and assistants are available online, mainly via emails as well as via telephone contact details as stated in InSIS. Please follow all of the news and updated information on the official website of both the University as well as the Faculty or the studied programme.
  3. Classes held by our Faculty will be fully running (during the period of the extraordinary measures) through homework/projects which will be given by the lecturers or grated supervisor of each subject. They will communicate with the students through emails, student information system (InSIS) or any other available online channel. We kindly ask all of the students to cooperate as much as possible, meet the deadlines and tasks given in order to fulfill the obligations of the courses in the syllabus and therefore be able to finish the semester.

We are deeply sorry for all of the restrictions and the inability to personally meet. We however do believe that with cooperation we can be able to manage this unfortunate situation.