Alumni Wednesdays – Online Presentations in December

In December 2021, the VŠE Alumni Centre organizes two online presentations that will take place within the Alumni Wednesdays.

December 1: Lukáš Liebich – Storytelling: Your Swiss Army Knife of Business Communication

This presentation will be given by Lukáš Liebich, alumni FMV VŠE on December 1 at 18:00 CET online in MS Teams. Registration is possible here.

Whether you’re a corporate animal – or you live in the startup world – or work in public administration: Your communication will benefit from having more stories in it.
In this session, Lukáš will show you how you can use stories to: Introduce yourself, explain an abstract concept or fill time when the tech betrays you, slides get stuck and you need to play for time before they get fixed.

You will be leading the session with a handful of stories of your own, ready to be told the day after.

* Bio Lukáš Liebich:
Lukáš Liebich is a former Accenture management consultant and current Design Thinker in MSD’s eXperience Design Team. In his job, he plans and facilitates a broad range of business workshops. The topics range from Use of Blockchain in Pharma to Supply Chain Risk Assessment and span across various parts of the pharma business (Research, Manufacturing, Sales).

On top of his „standard work,“ he also trained several hundreds of his colleagues in different parts of the world in topics such as Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving or Storytelling.

In some of his trainings, he asks people to sing Britney Spears‘ „Baby One More Time“. He promised he won’t do it this time.

December 15: Antonín Pavlíček – Future beyond social media … what will be the next Facebook?

When: December 15, 2021 at 18:00 CET
Where: online MS Teams


  • Facebook company is called Meta now, what will change besides its name?
  • History of social media:  what was good, what went wrong?
  • Connectedness, Social bubbles & Fake news
  • Virtual reality – from Second Life to Metaverse
  • Metaverse – good idea or just a marketing trick?

For more information, please refer to the website of the VŠE Alumni Centre.