How to order VSE ID card

  • Each VSE student is obliged to possess her/his own VSE identification card and carry it while being at VSE premises.

Step 1. Inserting photo into the information system

In case your photo was approved in your online Application in InSIS, please go to Step 2 now.

All students have to insert their photos into the system so that their cards could be made.

The photo must fit the following requirements:

JPEG format, its size being 5MB maximum.

A recent photo, of frontal view (en face). The face must avoid expressing any emotions, the mouth must be closed, the eyes opened and not covered with hair. The head must be held straight and the same applies to the whole photo. If the person wears glasses, no reflection must be visible. Sunglasses and glasses with tinted glass are not allowed with the exception of sight-impaired people. The photo mustn’t be blurred or retouched and its size must be applicable. The photo must meet the same requirements as photos needed for official documents.

The photo inserted into the system will be checked by the system administrator. The photos that will not meet the aforementioned criteria will be rejected and the person concerned will be informed by an email and the whole process will have to be repeated.

Provided that the photo is accepted, the payment for the card is confirmed and the card is prepared, but then, during the identity check the system administrator discovers that the photo doesn’t reflect the real appearance of the person, the card will not be issued.

1. Log in to the Personal administration of InSIS here
2. In the menu section Adjustment of the information system select Change photo

3. Select “Procházet” (if the computer does not show English options)
4. Choose the photography you want to insert
5. Select “Otevřít” (if the computer does not show English options)
6. Confirm saving the photography by clicking on “Save photo”


The inserted photography will be presented to the system administrator who will decide if the photo meets the criteria. The person concerned will be informed about the result by an email. If the photo meets all the criteria and is approved, ordering the ID card is possible. If the photo doesn’t meet the criteria it will be rejected and the whole process will have to be repeated.


Step 2. Ordering VSE ID Card

Only those students who have inserted the photo into the information system are allowed to order a new ID card. The photo must be accepted by the system administrator first, it is important to wait for a confirmation email.


1. Log in to the Personal administration of InSIS here
2. In the menu section My College select Student’s portal

3. In My College → Study financing and scholarships section select Orders

4. In the “Orders” section it is possible to select the type of the VSE ID card you prefer (see above)

A. VSE ID card with ISIC license

The VSE ID card with ISIC license enables:


B. Basic VSE ID card

The basic VSE ID card enables:

  • Electronic wallet (paying for printing, copying and scanning)
  • Paying in canteen
  • Borrowing books in the library
  • Entering the library and some classes / study rooms
  • Access to the dormitories
  • This card does not prove your student status to get public transport / commercial discounts!


For technical reasons, an ISIC card issued by the sending university abroad cannot be used as a proof of study when requesting for a public transport discount. Therefore, we recommend you request for the VSE ID card with ISIC license even if you have your own ISIC card.


5. Place your order In the “Study financing” section

6. Select “Online payment”

You will be redirected to 3D Secure payment gateway where you will pay online following the instructions.

7. Select the preferred method


8. Checking the order

9. In the “Orders” section select “My orders”

There is a list of executed orders and their status. If you pay online, the status will be changed in a few minutes and you will see the state “paid”.

Step 3. Collecting the VSE ID card

The VSE ID card you have ordered will be available for you to collect from September 7, 2020 at the reception desk of Eislerova Dormitory. The reception desk is open 24/7. To get the card, your identity will be verified – it is necessary to present your national identity card or passport.

In case you have ordered an ISIC card, you have to fill in a special form called „Consent to the processing of personal data“ before collecting your ISIC card.