Learning Agreement

How can I correctly fill in the Learning Agreement?

A specimen and a blank form can be found here. You can also find the information that is to be filled in about the “Receiving Institution” below.

Name of the Receiving Institution: University of Economics, Prague (VSE)

Faculty/Department: [leave blank]

Address: Winston Churchill Sq. 4, 130 67, Prague 3

Country: Czech Republic (CZ)

Erasmus code: CZPRAHA09

Responsible person in the Receiving Institution: Daniela Slámová / Karolína Kaslová

Position of the responsible person: Incoming Exchange Student Coordinators

Email: exchange@vse.cz

Telephone: +420 224 098 547 / 00420 224 098 547


Where can I print, copy or scan documents at the University?

First of all, you need to charge money to your university ID – you can do it in the library or in SB 22 (Old Building, ground floor). Then, you can print, scan or copy in the VSE Library (the Central Library) which is located in the VŠE area in Žižkov, in the mezzanine of the Old Building (SB).
You can also find some copy centers on the way to the tram station Husinecká, where you can print, scan or copy documents.