Lectures and Seminars in AY 2020/2021

Spring Semester 2021

  • The scenarios of teaching delivery in relation to the development of the pandemics are published in InSIS dashboard. Please use your login details to see the dashboard.
  • Academic calendar
  • For updates regarding the VISA Application submissions, please inform yourself here.

Fall Semester 2020

  • Information on measures taken by the VSE crisis staff on September 1, 2020 – see here.
  • Teaching in Fall Semester and information on measures taken by crisis staff of VSE on September 17, 2020 – see here.
  • The beginning of teaching is postponed to September 29, 2020 – see here.
  • Measures of Rector following HSHMP Regulation No. 12/2020 of September 18, 2020 and valid measures of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic – see here.
  • Teaching at VSE will take place online until the end of the Fall Semester 2020 – see here.
  • Guarantors of courses will inform students about the method and form of completion of the respective courses by December 4, 2020 at the latest.